Testimonials & Recommendations

Judi Smith

Business Development Aon

November 15, 2018,

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jack McCready speak at an Aerospace Event on the topic of risk management and cyber. I was so impressed with how engaging his speaking engagement was. It is not just how impressive Jack's background working so many years with the department of defense. He was so engaging, so knowledgeable and really impactful. I highly recommend Dr. Jack McCready for a variety of tasks. If you can have someone with his depth and insight and experience step into your company and help you and your team navigate the new world of risk, you will benefit forever as the approach Dr. Jack takes to risk and helping your employees learn the best proactive and reactive approaches to your risk. A real pleasure to know Jack and to be connected to him. He is a 12 out of 10.


Brian Kelley

HRS Consulting, Inc. / Seebald & Associates International

January 20, 2014,

I've known Jack since the late 1990s when he pioneered the technology behind the Coast Guard's use of force tools and techniques. Jack's thoroughness and professionalism enabled the CG's law enforcement program to muster confidence from senior leaders in the service and government that our tools and techniques would work. Through Jack's painstaking efforts, we were able to add a game-changing suite of tools to the Coast Guard's arsenal, increasing our effectiveness that continues to present day. Years later, Jack continues to solve problems with imagination and know-how that are uncommon and admirable. I'd want to be Jack's teammate any day!

Jack Wyman

Experienced and Visionary Leader, Speaker, Educator, Lobbyist, Author and Fundraiser

January 15, 2014,

Jack McCready is a highly trained, gifted and knowledgeable professional. His range of background is impressive. In the critical fields of strategic development, information technology and executive management, Jack has a proven record of high achievement and possesses a results-oriented passion for success.

As a seasoned and experienced leader, Jack has worked with a wide variety of people, managed large staffs and demonstrated initiative and creativity in complex and challenging situations. He is the author of several white papers on topics ranging from effective business strategies to signal analysis. Jack has also been a guest lecturer at colleges and institutes, including Oxford University.

As a leader, strategist and visionary, Dr. Jack McCready is a person of amazing talent and significant accomplishments. It is a honor to offer my enthusiastic recommendation.

Rita Vazquez-Torres

CEO New Stone Soup VT LLC

June 12, 2013,

When it comes to doing what is right by the user and the tax payer, Jack is persnickety and extremely detail oriented, protecting the investment with the zeal he would his own. He is eloquent with an elegance in his words and actions that is simply best in class. Surgically precise - he takes tasks seriously and focused with the type of attitude that is motivational. Dr. McCready is well respected for his subject knowledge, integrity and professionalism. Yet he is human and compassionate, witty and makes work fun, a true learning experience, even if the subject is dull and life-dependent serious - and gets the job done right the first time. I consider Jack a mentor and a friend, a professional I admire and respect. His commitment to the mission and the people behind the mission is to be commended. His ability to make the seemingly impossible, happen, within the boundaries of the reasonable and cost effective - is a fine art. I am honored to have worked with Jack.


The class was very challenging for me, but I gained so much information. Have a great Summer! Thank you so much for everything. D.H.

Dr. McC. was tough on grading but good to see he cares and is invested in raising the quality standards of the overall program. I learned a lot from him that I can apply to my day job.



Dirigo Strategies, LLC 

New Stone Soup, LLC

The Maritime Alliance

The Strategic Advisory & Guidance Expert (SAGE) Mentor Group